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Data Science, Analytics and Technology, enhanced with superior human expertise and knowledge

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Attentive Client Service enhanced with Technology


We use data science to identify risks based on company size, industry and particular situations combined with attentive human client service



Single entry digital application that connects with multiple instant quotes from top commercial carriers to make the process quick, easy and convenient. With unlimited free access to our insurance experts.

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A concierge-like service (email, phone or chat) combined with online and self service dashboards to help businesses deal with the complex, and often confusing, intricacies of commercial insurance.


Simple. Fast. Convenient. Experienced

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Experience and Stability We develop insights and advice later delivered by experts.
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Save Time and Money Enabled by Data Science, Technology and Analytics
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Over $60B of bound premium each year, makes us the #1 risk brokerage in the world

A Highly Skilled Advisor, Dedicated To You

We provide significant property and casualty experience by industry, along with superior technical knowledge and expertise of coverage trends and issues. All free of charge.

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Aon’s property and casualty tech platform and team provide risk management and insurance advice on broad risk exposures such as:

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We want to help small businesses become better informed about their risks and have the right insurance protection. Here’s what our customers have to say.

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Superior customer service from the top brand in the industry at the same cost as other insurance providers? No brainer

Paul Gelder

Hotel owner

Quick and Easy!

It's really nice having Aon's dedicated Insurance Expert who I can call at any time to ask about my insurance.

Laura Campbell


Honest and transparent

Aon worked smarter to help us with both the plain vanilla and complicated insurance coverage.

Alan Howell


Customer Centric Platform to Manage Commercial Insurance

Aon’s customer centric features include automatic risk analysis, document management, benchmarking and data analytics, intelligent data driven risk and insurance assessments, coverage recommendations, simplified billing, peer risk comparisons and claims support. The online platform currently manages commercial insurance including, among others, general liability, commercial property, workers' compensation, professional liability, errors and omissions and cyber liability coverages and policies.

The platform provides a better customer experience linked with online servicing options. Insurance experts are available to respond to any questions that might emerge from our analysis. Aon will respond via email, phone or online chat, whatever the user finds most convenient, to talk as much or as little as a customer wants.

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